The Tongva Indians were the original inhabitants. Juan Cabrillo arrived during the late 18th century and claimed the area for Spain. By 1771 disease severely decimated the Indians. During the end of the 19th century the town of Sherman was founded, the town began its reputation as being liquor friendly and slightly regulated. The city later became known as West Hollywood in order to take advantage of the glamour associated with Hollywood. During the 1920s The Sunset Strip became filled with nightclubs and casinos. The town was often visited by well known movie stars. During the late 1960s the Sunset Strip became known for its hippie culture. Later, it became a prominent gay village.
  • The residential crowd is made up of… large estates, new construction modern trophy homes, quaint bungalow cottages, Mid-Century architectural statements, townhouse condominiums and large doorman service buildings with hotel services
  • The lifestyle offered is… very active! Endless shopping whether designer boutiques or large shopping venues like the Beverly Center is easily accessible and walkable. People are very visible here strolling along sidewalks or cycling in the bike lanes.
  • The residential crowd is made up of… convenient access to all daily activities, large avenues or small side streets keep traffic flowing smoothly, socializing with friends and business colleagues is easily shared with a multitude of diverse restaurant choices, small parks and recreation areas offer athletic activities. One gets the feeling that the best of LA is contained within handy reach.
  • The most popular building type you’ll find is… single family homes of all shapes and varieties mixed with architectural buildings such as the Cesar Pelli-designed Pacific Design Center.
  • The average home price is… $ 2.5 million
  • The area’s greatest highlight is… dramatic views from the Sunset Strip seeing the entire city
    to the Ocean
  • The area’s best driving-distance getaways are… Santa Monica beach is 25 min drive, downtown Arts District is 35 min drive, LAX is 35 min drive
  • The best spot to dine fancy is… the Tower Bar, but also remember the Chateau Marmont !
  • The best spot to find entertainment is… Sunset Boulevard between Doheny and Fairfax
  • The best spot to go shopping is… Melrose Avenue or the Beverly Center
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