Hotel3 Hotel2 Hotel1 Grossetto13 Grossetto12 Grossetto10 Grossetto9 Grossetto8 Grossetto5 Grossetto7 Grossetto13 Grossetto6Main Building
The building is built with natural stones at front and the ceilings are made with chestnut wood beams and hand made terra cotta tiles and respecting the authentic Tuscan style.

The entire building has been restored, the roof has been demolished and replaced with new tiles , the ceilings have also been redone with wood beams and hand made terracotta tiles.

All rooms are provided with shower / WC, hot and cold water , air conditioning (hot and cool ) TV plugs, flooring with cotto tiles.
The ground floor is provided with kitchen, dinning room, living room, bathroom and other guest – rooms.
All buildings were recently restored and are not furnished.

Ground floor: with a total gross area of m 22,85 x m 12,60 = m2 287,91
First floor : with a total gross area of m 18,20 x m 12,60 = m2 229,32
Swimming Pool
The swimming – pool of m. 20 x m 10 = m2 200 is finished with mosaic tiles and divided into two parts: one for children and one for adults. The pool is surrounded by a large solarium and is exposed towards south, meaning that it has sunshine all day long.
Wine Cellar
This building is also made with natural stone front and the ceilings with wood beams and hand made terracotta tiles.

Ground floor with total covered area of m 10,20 x m.10,60 = m2 108.12
Ground floor – wine display room (enoteca) with total covered area of m 5,30 x m 7,00 = m2 37.10.
Basement area of m 15,90 x m 10,20 = total area of m2 162.18.
This room is used as a shelter for farm machinery and equipment, wine fermentation, and contains a cooling cell.
Anexed Storage Building
This building is also built with natural stone front.
Ground floor only of m 12,50 x m 8,00 = m2 100,00
Anexed Building – Dependance
The building is made with stones at sight.
One floor only with an area of m. 6,00 x m 8,00 = m2 48,00.
Farm anexed Buildings
1. box for horses : total covered area of m2 179,85
2. hay loft: total covered area of m2 120
3. stable – covered feeding shelter m2 80,00
4. stable – covered shelter for cattle m2 136,00
5. closed box – total area of m2 126,48